Strengthening youth resilience in turbulent times


Educators & Therapists professional exchange

Join us for a seminar aimed at fostering professional exchange among educators (social workers, youth workers, teachers) and psychotherapists. In today's world of heightened political polarization, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, mobilizing of the right movements in Germany and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing safe space at the international youth exchanges brings new challenges to the educators.

Participants more often experience trauma, anxiety or depression due to the effects of military terrorism, pandemic-related stress or exposure to right-wing populism and Russia’s propaganda.

Join this professional community to develop strategies and activities of non-formal education to foster youth resilience, intercultural understanding between youth from Ukraine and from Germany and to reflect on challenges from different perspectives.

Our goal is to tackle the pressing questions below and confront your professional struggles:

  • How can we best support youth in strengthening their resilience?
  • How do we address the unique mental health needs of young people in the post-COVID era?
  • What are the instruments psychotherapists could offer to educators, taking into account professional limits, for a critical situation like panic attacks, overload, fatigue and emotional overwhelm during the exchange?
  • What is a sensitive and inclusive terminology? What are the best words to express empathy and support?
  • Talks about Russia’s aggression may lead to fear, confusion, and stress between participants. Sharing stories about it requires a deep understanding of personal borders. What are well-being practices on the spot that can be offered to youth in this context?
  • How to reduce misunderstanding among participants from Germany and Ukraine in a context of values and beliefs during war times, taking into account cultural diversity and cross-cultural interactions?
  • How can we support each other being emotionally involved into the current needs of youth from Ukraine and youth from Germany?

Location and costs

We kindly ask you to pay a participation fee of 40 EUR as the activity is not fully funded. If you are not able to pay this amount, it is also possible to pay a reduced fee of 20 EUR.

Seminar provides 3 days program, 3 times meal per day and accommodation in double rooms in LidiceHaus.

Accommodation and food on the arrival and departure day(s) are included.

Join us

To come together to share insights, methods, and experiences with the aim to empower your professional skills. Educators (social workers, youth workers, teachers) and therapists who work with youth in Ukraine and in Germany are welcome to join. Support with translation is possible.


Please follow this link to register to the seminar till 1st of April 2024.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions, please send an email to Tolerance in you (Mail)